On international trade

In 1991 hikers in the Austrian Ötztal Alps discovered a mummified body protruding from a melting glacier. Archaeologists dated the frozen remains at 5,300 years old and gave him the nickname Ötzi, ‘the Iceman’. They were able to demonstrate that he was travelling between two locations, contending with confidence that he was moving with the purpose of exchanging goods, one community to another. International trade, if not born, or free (who knows?), is proven.
From the Introduction to ‘Ten Years…’

On globalization…

I think globalization cannot be stopped. Nobody can stop globalization. Nobody can stop trade. And I believe, if trade stops, war starts. Trade is the way to dissolve the war, not cause the wars.
Jack Ma, co-founder, former executive chairman, Alibaba Group

On inquiry…

Chance favours only the prepared mind.
Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), uber-scientist.

On wisdom and decision-making…

A good decision is based on knowledge, not numbers.
Plato (423-347 BCE), Greek philosopher.